We heard you!

Almost 150 CPHS members and Cleveland Park neighbors participated in the survey about our mission, priorities, and programming. Thank you! On March 3rd, the CPHS Board of Directors met to talk over your suggestions. As a result, we have revised our mission statement and put in place a structure to develop programming to support that mission and address your needs.

Here’s some of what you said, and some of what we’re doing in response:

You are interested in the history of the neighborhood and of your own houses. We are:

  • Forming a working group to bring together neighbors interested in an oral history project. If you are interested in participating in this project, please email and let us know!
  • Exploring the possibility of providing house-history research services for residents.
  • Planning more talks and tours for the coming year, including walking tours in September and a house tour in October. If you know people who would be great at leading walking tours, or if you’d like to lead one yourself, let us know!
  • Planning more historical content for this site and for upcoming issues of Voices. We need people to write blog posts for this site and articles for Voices! Let us know if you would like to contribute, or if you have a suggestion for a topic.
  • Actively gathering news of local history events and workshops around town and posting them on Facebook.

You want us to provide more direct and concrete support to property owners as stewards of Cleveland Park’s architectural legacy. We are:

  • Planning events to showcase a range of historically- and environmentally-appropriate design solutions.
  • Looking at preparing a list of trusted craftspeople with experience working on historic structures.
  • Working on providing specific design advice to homeowners and builders.
  • Examining what supportive preservation advocacy will mean in the future.

You want more clarity in the architectural review process. We are:

  • Meeting with the city’s Historic Preservation Office to offer support for the preparation of Cleveland Park-specific design guidelines
  • Continuing to seek ways to coordinate our design review with the ANC’s in order to streamline the process for property owners and architects.
  • Emphasizing the ARC’s historic support for the full range of Cleveland Park’s eclectic architecture as it has developed over time.
  • Preparing better information about how we encourage both restoration and sensitive new design.

Over the coming weeks, we will be posting more information here on projects and plans, and responding to some specific questions that came up in the survey responses. Watch this space! In the meantime, our Facebook page is open for you to discuss these issues, suggest new ideas, and connect with neighbors who share an interest in Cleveland Park’s history.