Revised Cleveland Park Library Design

UPDATE 12/21/15: At the December 17th Historic Preservation Review Board meeting, HPRB adopted the staff report, asking the design team to revise and refine the library design and present the revisions in a subsequent month.

The revised design proposal for the Cleveland Park Library, which reflects input from neighbors, the ARC, and the Commission of Fine Arts, will be considered at the December 17th meeting of the Historic Preservation Review Board. We will post the schedule for that hearing as soon as it is released. The revised concept presentation is available to download here. (The file is a PDF of nearly 100 MB.) Below are select images from that presentation, showing revisions to the materials palette and scale of the proposed building. (Click any of the images to see a larger version.)

Conn streetfront: materials

Conn-Macomb street view Macomb side view Conn view looking south across Newark Conn-Macomb corner view from above Macomb elevation: materials Newark elevation: materials