Architectural Review Committee Report for September 2013

Report on cases heard at the September 9th Architectural Review Committee meeting:

ARC Members attending: Lois Orr, Christine Hobbs, Phil Eagleburger, Ann Weir, Win Brown, Gwen Wright, Luis Boza, CPHS President Danny Ince, CPHS Board Member, also attended

3210 Newark Street, N.W. HPA # 13-475

New pool and pool house

Owner: Diefenbach

Agent: Adam McGraw, McGraw Bagnoli Architects and Kevin Campion, CampionHruby Landscape Architects

The proposal includes a new pool and pool house in the back yard of the house. The goals of the homeowners include maintaining privacy, and some back yard play space, retaining greenery and creating a safe environment for small children. While not visible from Newark Street, the project is located in an area known as “the ravine”, a significant historic landscape in the Cleveland Park neighborhood and a contributing resource. There is a stream in the ravine, partially in a culvert and partially day lighted. The proposed concept would sink the pool house into the slope of the back yard and push the pool halfway down to the bottom of the ravine. The roof of the pool house would be a “green roof” and storm water would be handled by this roof as well as by a dry well. There would be minimal lighting, with no up lighting. The placement of the pool house is designed to avoid large retaining walls and the stairs down the hill will be floating, and will not require retaining walls, although there will be significant grading to accommodate the pool and the pool house . A tree plan is also being developed. A large expanse of glass on the south side of the pool house would face the ravine.

Meetings have been held with HPO staff, the ANC, L’Enfant Trust (there is an easement on the property) and all of the neighbors. The adjacent neighbors on Newark are supportive of the project; however, the Macomb Street neighbors in the rear have objected to the proposal.

The ARC appreciated the sensitivity and well-executed design that is proposed. However, the majority of the ARC believes that the ravine is a very important landscape feature in the historic district and that the pool and pool house as proposed will have too great an impact on this landscape feature. The ARC would be supportive of revised designs for a pool and pool house that would be at the top of the slope closer to the house.

The motion passed 4-3

3207 Highland Place, HPA # 13-559

Owner: Damato

Agent: Chris Snowber, Hamilton Snowber

The proposal is for a new pool on the northeast corner of the property. Adjacent large trees will be retained. The pool would be located above Ordway Street adjacent a house that faces Ordway. The Ordway neighbor has objected to the location of the pool. However, due to the location of the geothermal system, there are no alternative locations within the property.

The ARC had no objections to the proposal as presented.

The motion passed 7-0.