Annual Meeting Report: New Board Members and Why Old Places Matter

At the 2016 CPHS Annual Meeting, the members elected six new board members and reelected three. The board members elected are Stefan Hurray, Nicholas A. Netchvolodoff, and Abigail Porter (for second three-year terms) and Mary Jane Glass, Christine Hobbs, Thomas Hester, Shaun Shelby Jones, Shannon Penberthy, and Frank Swain (for new three-year terms). The new board will elect officers at its June 22nd meeting. Click here for a complete listing of the 2016-2017 board.

We bid farewell with enormous thanks to outgoing and recently retired board members Win Brown, Robert Jenkens, Tina Mead, and Lois Orr. They have been stalwarts of CPHS for many years. Win, Tina, and Lois will continue to serve on the ARC.

Headshot casual Mayes 2015The meeting also featured an inspiring talk by Tom Mayes of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, who talked about his explorations into why old places matter. The “whys” are grouped under 14 headings: Continuity; Memory; Individual Identity; Civic Identity; Beauty; History; Architecture; Sacredness; Creativity; Learning; Sustainability; Ancestors; Community; and Economics. Read Tom’s essays on these themes at the Preservation Leadership Form blog.