Historic House Markers

Did you know that CPHS offers historic house markers for houses in the Cleveland Park Historic District? You can apply to purchase a marker if your house was listed in the original National Register nomination form for the historic district, or if it is at least 75 years old, and if it is in substantially its original condition. Markers are forged to order for CPHS by the Erie Forge Company of Columbia, PA. They cost $175 for members and $200 for non-members. Before issuing an historic marker for your home, we will need to verify the age of your house – not least because that date is going to be cast in bronze! If you would like to check on the eligibility of your property, please send us an email. We normally wait till we have a number of orders to submit at once, and we’ll be putting in an order this spring for those who requested marker applications with their membership renewals, so act now! Click here to download the Historic Markers Application Form.