Call Box Restoration Is Under Way!

Update: For “Under Way,” read “Almost Complete”!

Red Top Call Box painted-front

Thanks to the generosity of our members, the fifteen historic police call boxes around the Cleveland Park Historic District are getting a facelift designed to last for the long haul. The old, fading, chipped paint on the box bodies is being scraped and sanded away and new primer and a double coat of fresh paint, including gold accents, is being applied. You’ll see this work in progress around the neighborhood in October and November. (See a map of all the call boxes at this link.)

Right: The “Red Top” call box with body painted and artwork awaiting cleaning and repair. The art depicts Grover Cleveland’s summer home, “Red Top,” a.k.a. “Oak View.”  Below: Workers complete the gold accents on the box at Connecticut and Macomb.

The next stage will be to restore or, in some cases, replace the metal back plates, which have deteriorated significantly.

These pictures of the Red Top call box, commemorating Grover Cleveland’s summer house, show both the beautiful new paint job and the work left to be done to restore the artwork and the back plaques. We are still exploring options for the back plates, seeking a solution that will last and remain legible, as the back plates honor those who contributed to the original restoration project. Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks to everyone who sponsored a box, to all our members for helping provide additional funding, and to the restoration committee led by former CPHS president Lois Orr!

The “Red Top” call box back plaque awaiting restoration

The “Red Top” call box shining with new body paint

Detail of the new body paint on the “Red Top” call box