Architectural Review Committee Report: October 2014

Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee

Monday, October 6, 2014

ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Anne Weir, Lois Orr, Phil Eagleburger, Gwen Wright and Ron Ngiam.
Also attending were Danny Ince, CPHS President, Meghan Mulkerin, CPHS Project Coordinator and David Kay.

3065 Porter Street, N.W.
Owner: Harris and Draheim
Agent: Mark McInturff, McInturff Architects

The proposal includes adding a new front porch and replacing the existing windows with single light, double pane casement windows. The material for front porch is light weight steel. The house was built in 1941 and is one of a group three nearly-identical houses on the north side of Porter Street.

The neighbors have been contacted. The neighbor on the west side is in support of the project. The other neighbors have been contacted but not yet responded. The ARC form is still outstanding.

The ARC voted 3-3 in support of/against the proposal as presented. The ARC felt that the triplet grouping of mid-century Colonial Revival houses was architecturally significant to the streetscape, however, three of the ARC members felt that the historic value of any individual house was low and that
the proposed changes were an overall improvement, while the three remaining ARC members felt the proposed window changes and porch addition were not appropriate.

3460 Ordway Street, N.W.
Owner: Slusser and Zawadsky
Agent: Tom Kamm, Kamm Architecture

The proposal includes the construction of a swimming pool, a below-grade garage accessed from the existing driveway and a six-foot fence surrounding the entire property. The bottom four feet of the fence would be solid, the top two feet open pickets.

The neighbors have been consulted, and are reported to be in agreement. The ARC form is still outstanding.

The ARC does not support a six foot fence around the entire property. The ARC would support a six foot fence on the east and south property line, with a lower, transparent fence on the west and north. The ARC also thinks that the garage plan needs further development and articulation and would like to review subsequent plans.

The motion passed 6-0.