Architectural Review Committee Report for March 2014

Monday March 10, 2014

ARC Members attending: Lois Orr, Christine Hobbs, Tina Mead, Phil Eagleburger, and Win Brown .

3417 Lowell Street, N.W.
Owner: Garner
Agent: Evan Dintaman and Lila Fendrick, Lila Fendrick Landscape Architecture

The proposal includes widening the driveway to the width of the curb cut, installing concrete pavers in a herringbone pattern in the driveway and brick pavers in a herringbone pattern in the rear, rebuilding the west retaining wall facing the driveway and replacing the side stairs and walkway.

The ARC has no objection to widening the driveway and replacing the side stairs lending to the driveway. However, in order to show the driveway and landscaping as background to the house, the ARC recommends that the plan be simplified. The driveway retaining wall should continue as a sloped wall, not stepped and there should be no brick banding surrounding the driveway pavers.

The homeowner should contact the adjacent neighbors.

The motion passed 4-1.

3533 Quebec Street, N.W.
Owner: McLain
Agent: Cory Jacques and Andrew Brownfield, SolarCity DC

The proposal includes the installation of solar panels on the rear, east and west sides of the house. Each side will have seven panels which will be raised five to six inches above the roof.

The ARC has no objection to the project. However, the owner should continue to contact the neighbors, some of whom have expressed concerns about the project.

The motion passed 5-0

Yes Market, 3425 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Owner: Yes Organic
Agent: Warren Chen, UA Design

The proposal presented is a second floor addition to the existing building. This addition would be set back from the street; the material would be brick to match the existing material.

The ARC has no objection to the proposal as presented.

The motion passed 5-0.