Architectural Review Committee Report: December 2014

Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee

Monday, December 8, 2014

ARC Members attending:   Christine Hobbs, Lois Orr, Phil Eagleburger, David Kay, Tina Mead, Ana Evans and Win Brown.

Also attending was Danny Ince, CPHS President.

3601 35th Street, N.W.
Owner:   Baron Bernstein

The proposal involves the demolition of an existing garage, enclosure of the first floor screened porch and construction of a second floor addition atop this porch. The addition would be 10 feet by 20 feet, the size of the existing porch and would have a pitched roof.  New windows would be single pane, wood casements windows.   A deck would be added on the north side.  The proposal also includes enclosing the rear, eastside stairwell.  Outside wall materials are to be determined.

The neighbors have been contacted, with one neighbor expressing concern about the impact of the addition.

The ARC does not support the proposal as presented.  Although the owner stated revised drawings would be submitted, these were not available for review.  The ARC does not object to the concept of the second floor addition and we recommend the following:  grouping and recessing the new windows in the addition and in the porch enclosure thus giving the addition more of a sleeping porch appearance and using a shed roof.  Photographs of the existing garage were not available and the ARC is not able to comment on the demolition.  However, the ARC would not support demolition of the existing garage, in order to construct a new, larger garage in the future.

The ARC would like the owner to return with revised drawings.

The motion passed 5-2.

2957 Newark Street, N.W.
Architect: Outerbridge Horsey

The architect/agent did not attend the ARC meeting.  However, the ARC understands that the proposal involves expanding the rear addition of the house.

The ARC has no objection to expanding the bump out but recommends removing the bay in order to simplify the design.

The motion passed 6-1.