Architectural Review Committee Report April 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

ARC Members attending: Lois Orr, Christine Hobbs, Tina Mead, Phil Eagleburger, and Win Brown.
Meghan Mulkerin, CPHS Project Coordinator also attended.

3070 Porter Street, N.W.
Owner: Arafat and Kattan
Agent: Catarina Ferreira, archi-TEXTUAL

The proposal includes razing an existing, non-contributing house and constructing a 4,000+ square foot house, consisting of two and half stories plus a basement level containing a garage and other living space. The materials include stone, cedar siding, and stucco. The driveway will be widened by 1’ 10”.

The ARC objects to the disproportional size and mass of the house and the loss of open space and does not support the proposal as presented. The proposed project should be reconsidered. Also, additional neighbor input should be sought, particularly from the neighbors across Porter Street. Should development of the project continue, the design of the front stone wall, in particular, should be

The motion passed 5-0.