Architectural Review Committee Report: September 2016

Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee
Monday September 12, 2016

ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Tina Mead, Ron Ngiam, Lois Orr, David Kay and Ana Evans. Also attending were Myra Best, Tom Hester, and John Buchanan, CPHS Board members, and Carin Ruff, CPHS Executive Director.

3215 Newark Street, NW, HPA 16-542

The proposal includes the installation of roof-mounted solar panels on the west side of the house. The dark panels would be mounted so that the face of the panels would be no more than four inches above the newly-installed dark shingles. There would be no distinctive metal framing on the panels.

A similar proposal had been presented to the ARC in 2012. At that time, the ARC generally supported the proposal; however, HPO expressed some concerns and requested that the homeowners restudy the proposal in order to avoid mounting the panels on the main roof. This new proposal addresses many of the previous concerns about visibility. The neighbors have been notified about the new proposal and many have expressed strong support.

Since the panels would have minimal impact, closely match the color of the shingles, be removable within a day, and not change the roof line, the ARC has no objection to this proposal.

The motion passed 6-0.

3416 Rodman Street, N.W.

Since there were no plans or drawings of the proposed project, the ARC was not able to evaluate the proposal. The ARC will review the proposal at a future date, following receipt of the plans and drawings.

3310 Ordway Street NW, HPA 16-628

The proposal includes substantial alteration of and a new two-story addition to a non-contributing building. The house was built in 1955 and is one of three houses built at approximately the same time in this block of Ordway Street. While the first floor would be maintained, the existing second floor would be removed, replaced by newly constructed second and third floors. The house would also be expanded to the rear. The new two-story side addition would also house a garage, accessed by a graded driveway. The window and door types and design have not yet been fully developed. The brick on the existing first floor would be maintained, while the additions would be fiber cement siding and panels. The roof on the main body of the house would be asphalt shingle. The roof on the addition would be a standing seam metal roof with sky lights. The owner is in the process of contacting the neighbors. (The ARC neighbor consultation form was received the following day.)

Even though the existing house is a non-contributing structure, the proposal will have an impact on the streetscape and the neighborhood. It is important that the structure relate visually to its neighbors and be compatible in scale, materials, and massing. Modern design, well executed, has a place in the Cleveland Park Historic District. The ARC finds this proposal does not meet the criteria for new construction and that the quality of the design is lacking. The design is disjointed, with the variety of window and roof styles and materials proposed. The proposed structure does not connect to its neighbors in scale, materials and context. The ARC does NOT support this proposal.

The motion passed 6-0.

3300 Lowell Street, NW, HPA 16-547

The proposal includes a two-story addition with basement storage and finished attic on the west side of the house. The siding and roofing material on the addition would match the existing house. The windows on the existing house are primarily six over six. The windows on the addition would be six over one on the first floor and six over six on the second floor. The addition is on the side of the house due to the lack of a rear yard; however, it is subordinate to the existing house, set back from the main body of the house, and clearly differentiated from the existing house . The windows on the side and on the first floor make a deliberate attempt to recreate the feeling of an enclosed side porch. The neighbors have been contacted.

The ARC has no objection to the proposal as presented but emphasizes the importance of retaining the existing low, open fencing surrounding the yard on the west side.

The motion passed 6-0.

3015 Porter Street, NW, HPA 16-610

The proposal includes a one-story addition on the rear of the house with a roof deck above, new rear stairs to the basement, a translucent roof on the front porch, and enlarged windows on the west wall. The siding of the new addition would match the existing addition. The neighbors have been contacted but the ARC form is still outstanding.

While the ARC has no objection to the general concept of this addition and to the materials and scale, the ARC is concerned about the impact of the addition on the adjoining neighbor. The east side elevation was not presented nor was the design for the proposed translucent roof at the front porch noted in the drawings.

The motion passed 6-0.

3520 35th Street, NW, HPA 16-620

The proposal includes a rear addition: new 2nd floor and attic above an existing one-story addition and a new one-story addition to the rear of that. The windows on the addition would be six over one, matching those on the existing structure. The gable roof of the addition would be compatible with the existing roof and clearly delineated from the original. The entire addition is compatible in scale, massing, size, and materials with the existing house. The neighbors have been contacted.
The ARC has no objection to the proposal as presented.

The motion passed 6-0.