Architectural Review Committee Report: November 2016

ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Phil Eagleburger, Ana Evans, David Kay, Lois Orr, and Win Brown.

The following were present to observe the meeting: Nick Netchvolodoff, Tom Hester, Stefan Hurray, Abigail Porter, Myra Best, and Frank Swain, CPHS Board members; Steve Callcott, Deputy Preservation Officer, DC Office of Planning; and Carin Ruff, CPHS Executive Director.


Washington International School

Clayton Lewis, Head of School and Doug Bothner, Ziger/Snead

The Washington International School (WIS) is proposing to construct a two-story science and technology classroom building, and an underground parking garage at the Tregaron campus of the school. Included in the proposal, which situates the new building on the north slope of the Tregaron campus, are plans to repave and repair the entrance driveway and the stone gutters, remove invasive plants from the property, remove 27 trees to be replaced by new, smaller trees, and create a safer arrival space for students. Parking would become more consolidated and a new pedestrian plaza created by wrapping the existing Gym with the new building. The proposed building does not impinge on the historic structures on the site, including the Mansion.

Several previous proposals have been presented by the school. The current proposal, Design # 4, reduces the height of the building by 13 feet, resulting in a building that would be 29 feet above grade. The mass has been broken up into five “boxes” (20 x28 feet) and four hyphens (12 feet wide and set back four feet.). A Green Roof is also included and materials include weathered copper and brick.

The Washington International School is uniquely situated, surrounded by and sharing a cultural landscape with the Tregaron Conservancy. A country estate, originally built in 1912, Tregaron today is on the National Register of Historic Places and a contributing element of the Cleveland Park Historic District. WIS is also housed in several historic buildings on the site. A review of this project included several facets including the proposed building itself, its relationship to the existing historic structures, its relationship to the existing landscape and the visual impact of the proposal particularly on the north, Macomb Street side of the property.

WIS has held meetings with the neighbors. The Tregaron Conservancy and a number of nearby neighbors expressed concern about the project and its visual impact on Macomb Street. It should be noted that not all of the neighbors oppose the project.

The ARC vote was split 3-3 on the proposal project. All of the members of the ARC favored the architectural design and the improvements in massing from the earlier proposals. Those who voted to object to the proposal thought that the additional encroachment of the new building was not consistent with the preservation of the historic landscape and unreasonably impinged on the character of the immediate neighborhood; those who did not object thought that the encroachment was acceptable relative to the total acreage of the property and felt that the project represented a reasonable evolution in the usage of the property that was sufficiently respectful of the historic nature of the landscape.


3016 Rodman Street, N.W.

Owners: Ferrari & Tyson

Agent: Phil Eagleburger, Treacy & Eagleburger

The proposal includes a rear roof addition on a semi-detached house built in the mid-1920s. The house is one of six on the south side of Rodman Street. The addition would be tucked in behind the mansard, tile roof and a small balcony added in the rear. Several windows on the east and south side of the house would also be replaced. The addition would not be visible from across the street but slightly visible from the side yard. The existing front dormer would remain.

The neighbors have been contacted and support the project.

The ARC had no objection to the proposal. The motion passed 5-0; Eagleburger recused.