Architectural Review Committee Report: November 2015

Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee

Monday, November 9, 2015

ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Lois Orr, Ana Evans, David Kay, Phil Eagleburger, Tina Mead, Anne Weir, Win Brown, and Danny Ince

Also attending were Carin Ruff, CPHS Executive Director and Nick Netchvolodoff, CPHS Board President

Washington International School

Agent: Darragh Brady, Ziger/Snead; Clayton Lewis, Head of School

The proposal includes the construction of a new 3-story Science building and underground parking garage on the north side of the school’s Tregaron campus. The building would be set back 200 feet from Macomb Street. The plan also includes new walkways, landscaping and storm water management.

The ARC commends the architects for a thoughtful and beautifully designed project. However, the ARC is concerned that the approximately 176 foot long monolithic structure along the north ridge of the campus property would not be an appropriate entrance to Tregaron Conservancy. The ARC recommends reducing the height of the building and breaking up the massing.

Passed 8-0

Cleveland Park Library

Agent: Matthew Bell, Perkins Eastman DC; David Saulter, DC Public Library

The proposal involves the construction of a new DC Public Library on Connecticut Avenue, between Macomb and Newark Streets in order to expand the library’s collections including the children’s area, create a new teen area, and to provide additional community meeting rooms. On the Newark and Macomb Street sides of the proposed building, the design is intended to reflect the prominent porches found on neighboring houses and is set back 40 feet from the neighboring residences. The façade facing Connecticut Avenue is intend to reflect the store fronts found along that street. A prominent bay angles from the building on the north east side of the building. Materials include brick, limestone, metal and wood.

The ARC has no objection to the basic design of the building. However, the ARC recommends that the details and proliferation of materials be simplified and that the Newark Street façade with its prominent glass structure be rethought.

Passed 7-1

3414 Newark Street, N.W.

Agent: Luke Olson, GTM Architects

The proposal includes the construction of a 2-story rear addition, a new garage in the rear of the property and a new driveway. The existing curb cut would be used. The addition would add approximately 1200 square feet. The materials include stucco and hardiplank. The neighbors have been contacted and have expressed concerns about the size of the project and storm water drainage issues.

The ARC does not object to the concept of a rear addition. However, the ARC is concerned about the width of the driveway and recommends that the driveway not exceed 10 feet. The ARC also has concerns about the grading and the slope of the driveway. Since the garage may be relocated on the property, the ARC cannot offer an opinion on the garage placement at this time. Additionally, the ARC recommends that the addition not protrude beyond the projection of the existing bay on the east side. The ARC also recommends that the new windows in the addition be 9 over 1, as are the windows in the original portion of the house, not the proposed 1 over 1.

Passed 8-0

3008 Ordway Street, N.W.

Owner: Sanford and Bonnie Roskes

The proposal includes a one-story rear addition. Due to the incomplete nature of the submission, the ARC was not able to complete a review of the project. However, from submitted materials, the ARC has concerns about filling in the backyard, the impact of the addition on the group of the 4 identical terrace houses, and the exterior design of the addition. The neighbors have been contacted with several neighbors objecting.

Passed 8-0