Architectural Review Committee Report: March 2017

Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee

Monday, March 13, 2017


ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Lois Orr, Ana Evans, David Kay, Tina Mead, Stefan Hurray, Danny Ince, and Ron Ngiam.

Also attending was Carin Ruff, CPHS Executive Director.


3035 Rodman Street, N.W.

Owners: Federico Asch and Ana Barac

Agent: Richard Loosle-Ortega and Jorge Concepcion, KUBE architecture

The house was built in 1921. The proposal includes the demolition of several previous rear additions, the construction of a new rear addition and deck, and new dormer on the east side. The siding on the front of the new second story dormer would match the existing siding. In the rear, HardiePlank would be used. The neighbors have been contacted.

The ARC feels that the proposed addition does not defer sufficiently to the existing house and recommends that the rear addition be designed to balance with the symmetry of the front facade. The ARC also has concerns with the massing, especially since the northwest corner of the second floor will be visible from the street, since there is no house on the west side of the property. The proposed dormer should be indented two feet to reflect the existing dormer.

The motion passed 8-0.


3017 Rodman Street, N.W.

Owners: Susan Ratigan

Agent: Michael Bruckwick , Katinas Bruckwick Architecture

The house was built in 1921. The proposal includes the construction of two additional dormers in the front of the house and the construction of an additional dormer at the rear of the second floor. The materials will match the existing materials on the house. The neighbors have been contacted.

The ARC notes that the addition of front dormers constitutes a substantial change in the primary façade that is not consistent with past practices in the Cleveland Park Historic District. The ARC also had concerns about the massing in the rear. However, since no rear elevation was presented, the ARC was not able evaluate the proposal fully. The ARC requests that the missing information be provided.

The motion passed 8-0.