Architectural Review Committee Report: March 2016

Update: Read the HPRB agenda and HPO staff reports on these projects at . Note that the Washington International School proposal (heard by the ARC in February) has been postponed until April.


Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee

Monday, March 14, 2016

ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Anne Weir, Lois Orr, and David Kay.

Also attending was Nick Netchvolodoff, CPHS President


3700 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.

HPA #16-210

Applicant: Murillo/Malnati Group; Architect: Alan Dynerman, Dynerman Architects PC

This project was first presented to the ARC in February. The proposal includes razing the existing, non-contributing 3-story house and constructing a 3-story brick house in its place. The proposed house will expand from the existing footprint on the north and west sides and the parking area facing Rodman Street will be expanded. Since the last presentation, the neighbor to the west has been contacted and the elevations on the north, south, east and west sides have been redesigned.

The ARC has no objection to the revised concept.

The motion passed 4-0.


3512 Lowell Street, N.W.

HPA#: 16-252

Owner: John Barabino; Architect: Ralph Cunningham, Cunningham Quill

The proposal includes a new rear addition, interior and exterior renovations, including new windows and doors, razing of the existing garage, and extensive landscaping.

The ARC was not able to complete a full review of this project without knowing the year that the garage was built and whether it is a contributing resource, and without knowing when various elements were added to the house and when certain changes were made. However, the ARC has the following initial concerns: the proposal to build a 6 foot fence along the front property line, the digging of a new basement area, and the impact of that digging on the large elm tree. The ARC also notes the basement floor will be lowered to achieve an 8 foot ceiling height. The architect also agreed to supply the ARC with a corrected page 11. The neighbors have been contacted.


3403 Macomb Street, NW.

HPA# 16-250

Owner: Nancy Herman; Architect: Ralph Cunningham, Cunningham Quill

The proposal includes a new rear dormer on the north side and interior renovations. The neighbor has been contacted.

The ARC had no objection to the proposal but suggests that the window size and design in the proposed dormer be revisited.

The motion passed 4-0.