Architectural Review Committee Report: March 2015

Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee

Monday, March 9, 2015

ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Lois Orr, Phil Eagleburger, David Kay, Tina Mead, Ana Evans, and Win Brown.

Also attending were Danny Ince, CPHS President; Hadley Allen, CPHS Board Member; and Carin Ruff, CPHS Executive Director

2939 Newark Street

Owner: Gary and Judy Kopff

The proposal includes strengthening an existing fence on the east side of the property as well as the extension of this fence into the front yard, passing the front façade of the house. The proposed, new fence would extend an additional 28 feet, be constructed of Western Red Cedar and follow the grade drop from 9 feet in height down to six feet. The plans have been discussed with the neighbors and all have approved the project with the exception of the owners of the Macklin Apartments who have not yet responded.

The ARC recommends that the proposed fence that extends forward of the front façade of the house not exceed 4 feet in height.

The motion passed 7-0.


3470 Ordway Street NW, HPA 15-261: Fence abutting Rosedale Conservancy

3501 Newark Street NW, HPA 15-258: Fence at Rosedale

Agent: Kevin Campion, Campion Hruby

The two part proposal includes:

  1. a) The construction of a fence along the south and west property line of 3470 Ordway in order to separate it from the grounds of the Rosedale Conservancy. The fence would be a board fence similar to the existing southern fence on the edge of the Conservancy.
  2. b) The construction of a fence along the front of the Rosedale Farm House, again to separate the property from the grounds of the Conservancy.

The proposals still need to be reviewed by the Rosedale Conservancy and presented to the neighbors.

The ARC does not support the construction of a fence that is forward of the front façade of 3470 Ordway Street. Fencing was discussed during the original presentation of the to-be-constructed house in December 2013, and the homeowners had given the ARC assurances that no fencing would be built south of the front façade of the new house. The ARC’s decision at that time supported only fencing surrounding the pool of the new house.

The ARC does not support the construction of a fence in front of the Rosedale Farmhouse. Fencing in front of the farmhouse’s porch would compromise the visual dominance of the Farmhouse on the site required by the Mayor’s Agent’s Decision and Order of Subdivision for Rosedale (2003), which recognized that “the three acres comprising the south lawn of Rosedale… frame the most important historical views to and from the Rosedale farmhouse.” Evidence is lacking that the Farmhouse was ever divided from its landscape by fencing on its south side. The ARC supports the previous opinion of HPO staff that fencing “not break up the historic open landscape surrounding Rosedale” (HPO Staff Report July 25, 3013).

The motion passed 7-0.