Architectural Review Committee Report: June 2015

Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee

Monday, June 8, 2015

ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Lois Orr, Phil Eagleburger, Ana Evans, David Kay, Anne Weir, and Win Brown.

Also attending was Nick Netchvolodoff, CPHS President.

3401 Macomb Street, N.W.

Agent: VW Fowlkes, Fowlkes Studio

The proposal includes replacing the existing rear addition and sleeping porches with a new addition whose footprint would be similar in size to the existing structure with the infill of the west indentation. Also, a new deck and a lower terrace would be constructed as well as a 10 foot high stucco privacy wall and other retaining walls. It is proposed that the privacy wall run in the same plane as the east side of the house. The existing garage would be rebuilt and a new parking area created parallel to 34th Street. New windows and doors would be added on the north, west and east sides of the house.

The neighbors have been consulted and are reported to have no objections.

The ARC recommends that the newly constructed addition be stepped in from the original house, in order to differentiate it. Also, the ARC does not support the construction of the proposed stucco privacy wall.

3450 Ordway Street, N.W.

Agent: VW Fowlkes, Fowlkes Studio

The proposal includes a two-story addition, curb cut, new driveway and underground garage.

The ARC recognizes this property and project as complex and unique due to its history, the fact that the house has been reconfigured several times and its orientation to the street substantially changed and due to the presence of nontraditional features.

The ARC requests that the architect return to the next scheduled ARC meeting with a more complete presentation of the existing house and the proposed alternations , including existing and proposed elevations, floor plans, 3-D renderings, as available and photographs of the four existing sides of the house .

Tilden Hall, 3945 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.

Agent: Jeffrey Bumgardner, Urban Investment Partners

The proposal includes designating the existing 5-story apartment building as an historic landmark. Also proposed are a 5-story rear addition and upgrades and reconfiguration of the existing building. A parking garage would be constructed beneath the new addition. The addition would be clad in stucco and cement panels.

While this building is not in the Cleveland Park Historic District, the ARC supports the proposed landmark designation and the construction of the rear addition.