Architectural Review Committee Report, July 2018

Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee

Monday, July 9, 2018

Cleveland Park Congregational Church, 3400 Lowell Street, NW



ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Stefan Hurray, Ron Ngiam, and Lois Orr.

Carin Ruff, CPHS Executive Director, also attended.


3300 Newark Street, NW

Owners: Sean Ruppert, OPaL, LLC, and Whitestone Property Group, LLC, Laine Shakerdge

This property was presented in an advisory capacity. It has not yet been submitted to HPRB and is not on the current ANC calendar. It is anticipated that it will be presented to the ARC, the ANC and HPRB in September.

The proposal includes a rear addition and deck on a 1920 Dutch Colonial Revival house. The addition would be 1,100 square feet of finished space and 780 square feet of unfinished space, the latter being primarily a two-car garage. In addition, there would be a deck across the rear of the house. The rear addition would extend six feet from the east side of the existing house and 19 feet from the west side of the house. No changes are proposed for the front, with the possible exception of opening the front portico. A landscaping plan and a list of materials have not yet been developed.

The ARC has the following comments:

  • The rear addition should be subservient to the original historic house. Of particular concern is the tower in the southeast corner.
  • The deck should be made smaller and lower, so that it does not appear to tower above the ravine.
  • The ARC notes that there are other additions and decks on nearby houses that extend further into the ravine than this current proposal. We do not know when each of these was constructed and they should not be taken as precedent. The scale of the proposed deck and addition should respond to the original historical scale of the house as well as its setting on the ravine.
  • The September presentation should include a complete package, including existing and proposed elevations, as outlined on the CPHS website. ( Additionally, a rendering of how the proposed addition will look when viewed uphill from the rear yards on Macomb Street would be helpful.
  • A more detailed presentation of the ravine including the run of the stream would be helpful in order to evaluate the impact of the addition on the ravine.


3414 Porter Street, NW, HPA 18-512

Owner: Nicolas Durand

The proposal includes the installation of solar panels on a 1925 semidetached house. The panels would be a total of four inches high, two inches of panel and two inches of clearance above the roof. The panels would have a black rim and be located on the west and south sides of the house.

The ARC had no objection to the proposal as presented. The motion passed 4-0.


Uptown Theatre, 3426 Connecticut Avenue, NW, HPA 18-384

Agent: Brenda Merritt, MC Sign Company; Hossein Hamed, Econosign Inc.

The proposal is to replace the existing “UPTOWN” neon sign with a sign lit with LED lighting. The sign would have the same color and warmth as the existing sign and be the same four feet in height. A dimmer would be used to facilitate this effect. The current neon sign is beyond repair, according to the representative of the company that would replace the sign. Also, the state of disrepair of the current sign is creating an environmental issue with the presence of mercury.

Also proposed is the addition of three two-foot high signs that read “AMC”. These signs would be placed on the front and sides of the marquee.

The ARC encourages the creation of a physical mock up. It is our understanding that such a mockup will be presented at the upcoming ANC meeting on July 16.

The ARC has no objection to the replacement of the “UPTOWN” sign as presented. The ARC thinks that only one “AMC” sign should be added on the front marquee.

The motion passed 3-1, with the 1 proposing that there be no “AMC” sign on the front marquee.