Architectural Review Committee Report: July 2017

Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee

Monday, July 10, 2017


ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Lois Orr, David Kay, Stefan Hurray, Phil Eagleburger, Ana Evans, and Ron Ngiam.

Also attending was Carin Ruff, CPHS Executive Director.


3618 Ordway Street, N.W.

Owner: Pamela Steele

The house, constructed in 1924 (or 1922) in a farmhouse or vernacular style, is currently undergoing a rehabilitation and rear addition. In connection with this project, the owner presented a front porch design for concept review. The concept porch is nine feet square covered with a shallow hipped roof and not centered on the front door. Materials for the porch would match the existing materials.

The ARC finds the concept to be an inappropriate solution because the proposed roof shape and decorative detailing do not relate sufficiently to the existing house and because the proportions of the proposed porch break up the historic façade of the house rather than complementing it. The ARC recommends that the front porch be either a smaller structure, presenting as a portico that would echo the design of the existing door surround, or a full front porch that would echo the design of the main roof.

The motion passed 6-1


3610 Macomb Street, N.W., HPA 17-485, concept/rear addition

Owner: Martin

Agent: David Jones, Jones & Boer Architects

The proposal for this foursquare house includes a two-story and a one-story rear addition as well as a small one-story addition on the east side of the house. The existing two-story rear sleeping porch addition would be removed. Several existing windows would also be removed and new window openings added on the east, west and south sides of the house. Materials for the roof, stucco and windows would match the existing materials.

The ARC recommends that the two-story addition at the rear (southwest) corner of the house be treated in such a way that the distinction between the house’s main volume and the original sleeping porches is not erased. The addition should be differentiated and acknowledge the original form of the house.

The motion passed 7-0.


3031 Macomb Street, NW

Owner: Bronwyn Bruton

The proposal for the Sherman cottage built in 1906 incudes the construction of two dormers in the rear of the house and the repositioning of a third-story rear window. While the address of the house is Macomb Street, the front of the house faces Ross Place and one of the proposed dormers would be visible from Macomb street. The materials would match the existing materials.

Since the proposal is consistent with the original style of the house, the ARC had no objection to the proposal as presented.

The motion passed 7-0.