Architectural Review Committee Report for November 2013

Report on cases heard at the November 11th Architectural Review Committee meeting:

ARC Members attending:  Lois Orr, Christine Hobbs, Phil Eagleburger, Anne Hatfield Weir, Luis Boza, Win Brown, Gwen Wright

CPHS President Danny Ince and Meghan Mulkerin, CPHS Staff, also attended

 3211 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.

Owner:   Adams-3211 Wisconsin LLC (a related entity of Adams Investment Group)

Agent:  Douglas Yurechko, Director of Development, Adams Investment Group and Maurice Walters, Maurice Walters Architect

The proposal includes the repositioning and renovation of the historic house, 3211 Wisconsin and the construction of a new multifamily building in the rear of the lot.  The existing house will be moved towards the front of the lot by approximately 23 feet, slightly forward of the apartment building to the north.   Existing asbestos will be removed and the clapboard will be restored or replaced.   A new front dormer will be constructed. There will be a pathway to the existing house and one to the newly constructed rear building.  A front door will access the unit on the main level of the old house and historic fencing will surround the house front yard.  The two structures will be connected by doorways at the rear of the existing house on each floor, leading into the fire stair.  The rear addition will be brick with cast stone.  The rear of the new structure will be accessed by an extension of an existing private alley behind 3201 Wisconsin and will contain three garage parking spaces.  The two structures will contain a total of eight units, three in the historic house and five in the to-be-built structure.

The neighbors across the rear alley facing Lowell Street and Macomb Street have been notified.  The apartment building owner to the north has not been notified.

The ARC has no objection to the proposal as presented.  However, we recommend exploring the details of the joint where the new and old building connect to make a more graceful connection.

The motion passed 7-0

2957 Newark Street, N.W.

Owner:  Gupta

Agent:  Outerbridge Horsey, Architect

The proposal includes adding a small one story rear addition to the house, adding new windows in the existing rear addition, new windows on the second floor on the east and west sides, building new railings on the existing side/rear deck and adding a new rear exterior staircase.

The neighbors on either side have been contacted.  One neighbor has responded with no objection; the other neighbor has not yet replied.

The ARC has no objection to the proposal as presented.

The motion passed 7-0.

3545 Porter Street, N.W.

Owner:  Nelson

Agent:   Greg Thomas, Moore Architects

The proposal includes adding a large rear addition that will be set in 18 inches on both sides from the plane of the main house. There will also be a new basement areaway on the front/side and a portion of the side porch will be filled in to create a mudroom.  Safety handrails on the front exterior stairs will also be added.   The ridge line of the addition matches the ridge line of the main house but on the second floor, the addition will be inset by six inches on each side.  The house sits high above Porter Street and it will be difficult to see the rear addition.

The neighbors have not yet been contacted.

The ARC has not objection to the proposal as presented, primarily because the addition will not be visible from the street.  The ARC strongly encourages the owner to contact the neighbors

The motion passed 7-0.