Architectural Review Committee Report: December 2016

ARC Members attending: Ana Evans, David Kay, Danny Ince, Win Brown, Stefan Hurray, Anne Weir, Ron Ngiam, Tina Mead. Also attending was Carin Ruff, CPHS Executive Director.

HPA 17-78

3529 Ordway Street, NW

Concept/rear addition and garage

Architect: Chris Snowber, Hamilton Snowber Architects

The proposal is for a three-story (two stories plus basement) addition on the rear of a 1934 brick house, plus a new garage off the alley at the rear of the property. Because of the steep slope of the lot, the basement is above grade at the rear of the house.

The addition would be clad in brick on the basement and first level and HardiePlank siding on the upper level. A dormer in the front of the house whose wood siding is decayed would be reclad in matching material, and windows would be replaced in kind. There would be several changes to the fenestration on the side façades.

The ARC has no objection to the proposal. However, the ARC would prefer to see the existing fenestration retained on the second floor on the west side, in keeping with the Secretary of the Interior’s guidelines recommending against “Changing the number, location, size or glazing pattern of windows, through cutting new openings, (or) blocking-in windows,” and the HPO guideline, “Alteration of window openings on secondary elevations that are architecturally composed or contribute to the overall character and design of a property is discouraged.”

The motion passed 8-0.