Architectural Review Committee Report: December 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Lois Orr, Ana Evans, David Kay, Tina Mead, and Danny Ince. Also attending was Carin Ruff, CPHS Executive Director


3008 Ordway Street, N.W.

Owner: Sanford and Bonnie Roskes

The proposal includes a one-story rear addition. The addition, modified from last month’s submission, is approximately 15 feet square with stucco siding and a standing seam metal shed roof. These materials reflect those on the existing house. The new windows would also match the existing windows.

The ARC continues to have concerns about the massing on this site, compounded by the grading in the rear yard.

The motion passed 6-0.

The ARC appreciates the slightly improved design but would recommend a more comprehensive design that acknowledges the two-story appendage to which the proposed addition would be attached. The proposed addition should be more compatible with the existing house and with the neighboring- attached house as they form a pair. Greater care should be taken with the quality of the design in order to avoid a shed-like appearance.

The motion passed 4-2.


3618 Ordway Street, N.W.

Owner: Pamela Steele

Agent: Robin Farrar, Manion and Associates,

The proposal includes increasing the slope of the roof, adding a dormer in the rear attic and building a small addition on the first floor at the rear of the house. The existing front of the house would remain unchanged. Materials include wood siding and an asphalt shingle roof. The height of the chimney would be increased.

The ARC has no objection to changing the slope of the roof in the front of the house, as presented, as there would be minimal change to the architectural character of the house. The ARC cites the precedent at 3603 Norton Place, N.W. While the ARC does not object to the principle of a rear addition, the ARC finds the third floor attic addition to be ungainly and unresolved, especially on the east side. On the rear (south) elevation and the east side elevation, the window placement is haphazard and discordant.

Several neighbors have been contacted; the ARC encourages the homeowner to continuing contacting the remaining neighbors about the proposal.

The motion passed 6-0.