Architectural Review Committee Report, April 2018

Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee

Monday, April 9, 2018

Cleveland Park Congregational Church, 3400 Lowell Street, NW


ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Lois Orr, Stefan Hurray, Phil Eagleburger, Anne Weir, Danny Ince, Win Brown, David Kay and Ron Ngiam.


3552 Quebec St., NW, HPRB 18-305

Architect: Lucrecia Laudi, Hunt Laudi Studio

New rear dormer on noncontributing property (1960).

The house was built in 1960 and is a semi-detached, brick townhouse with cooper detailing in the front and rear. The house is classified as a noncontributing property in the Historic District. The proposal includes a new rear dormer on the third floor which would not be visible from the front of the house and the addition of a window on the east-facing third floor. The materials are yet to be determined, but may include cooper to reflect the existing detailing.

The ARC has no objection to proposal as presented. The motion passed 9-0. However, the ARC suggests that the new dormer be set back one foot. This motion passed 7-2.


3415 Porter Street NW, HPRB 18-129

Owner: Etienne Yehoue

Three–storey addition/roof alterations at rear of contributing property (Sonnemann & Justement, 1920.)

The frame and siding-clad house was built in 1920 and is a contributing structure in the Historic District. The proposal presented includes a three–storey addition and roof alterations at the rear of the building. Construction would involve removing the existing rear of the house and rebuilding the first two floors and adding a third floor. The entire existing slate roof would also be removed and replaced with materials to be determined. The existing rear dormers would be removed and replaced with a flat roof. The shutters would also be removed and the siding replaced with stucco. Various windows would be removed or moved. The existing garage, which is in the rear of the property, would be moved to the rear of the house so that it joins the house and creates a deck on the first floor.

The materials presented to the ARC for review were incomplete and inconsistent both internally and with the oral presentation. The ARC was therefore unable to support the proposal as presented. The motion passed 9-0.

In anticipation of receiving a revised presentation, the ARC has the following comments on the proposal as presented:

  • Since the building is a contributing structure, it is important that the historic character and elements of the building be retained. The change of materials from siding to stucco, the removal of the existing slate roof, the removal of the shutters, the removal and moving of various windows and dormers all impact the historic character of the building. The applicant should determine the original siding of the structure and also whether the garage was contemporaneous to the house.
  • It is important how the mass of the new addition relates to the existing house. The new mass should be subordinate to and distinct from the original house, not dominant. This is not accomplished in this proposal.

The future presentations to the ARC should include existing and proposed elevations of all four sides of the house; photographs of all sides of the house; before and after site plans; and existing and proposed floor plans. These should be presented side-by-side with the scale consistent across drawings. The ARC provides guidance on the elements of a complete presentation on the Cleveland Park Historical Society web site. ( – presentingtothearc)