Architectural Review Committee Report: April 2016

Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee

Monday, April 11, 2016

ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Ana Evans, Win Brown, Phil Eagleburger, Danny Ince, Lois Orr, and Tina Mead.

Also attending was Carin Ruff, CPHS Executive Director


HPA #16-305

3203 Macomb Street, N.W.                      

Architect: Christina Haislip

This project was originally presented to the ARC in April, 2015. The revised proposal includes an additional story above the existing west-side addition and repair of the 1st floor garden room. Repairs to the garden room will include new French casement windows and a new standing seam metal roof and skylights. The proposed new curb cut, driveway, and new rear deck were previously permitted. The house is a non-contributing structure within the Cleveland Park Historic District. The neighbors have been contacted about the redesign, with one neighbor comment still outstanding.

The ARC has no objection to the proposed concept.

The motion passed 6-0. (Eagleburger recused.)


HPA 16-314

2939 Macomb Street, N.W.

Architect: Peter Grina, Grina Architects

The proposal includes new hipped roof dormers on the east and west sides of the house and a new rear dormer on the north side. Materials would match the existing house. The house is a contributing structure within the Cleveland Park Historic District, being a Sears kit house built in 1911. The neighbors have been contacted, with one comment still outstanding.

The ARC had no objection to the rear dormer, but had concerns about the side dormers. The ARC has deferred a decision until 3-D drawings are available, including a view of the proposed side dormers from the street. The ARC considers the house to be important to the historic district and thinks that the proposed changes to the house should go beyond a staff decision and should not be placed on the consent calendar.

The motion passed 6-1.

Note: The ARC subsequently approved placing the project on the consent calendar after seeing further drawings.