Architectural Review Committee Report: April 2015

Cleveland Park Historical Society Architectural Review Committee Report

Monday, April 13, 2015

ARC Members attending: Christine Hobbs, Lois Orr, Phil Eagleburger, Tina Mead, Ana Evans, Ron Ngiam, and Win Brown.

Also attending were Stefan Hurray, CPHS Board Member, and Carin Ruff, CPHS Executive Director

3203 Macomb Street, N.W.

Agent: Ralph Cunningham and Alex Barker, Cunningham Quill

The proposal includes a new, two-story addition to replace an existing one-story additon, a new curb cut, driveway and gate on the west side of the house, and a redesigned deck at the rear of the house. The house would retain the existing footprint, minus the front garden room projection on the old addition. The existing wood shed on the west side would be removed, to be replaced by a new shed at the rear of the house. Also at the rear, the existing bay window on the first floor would be replaced and a new balcony added on the second floor. The proposed driveway would be 9 feet wide and a 6 foot high automatic driveway entrance gate would cross the driveway at the front of the house. The Macomb Street neighbors have been contacted, with one objecting to the curb cut. The rear neighbor has not yet been contacted.

The ARC has no objection to the proposed second story addition and redesigned deck. The ARC recommends the use of brick siding for the west portion of the addition, siding on the “hyphen,“ and a metal roof on both the addition and the “hyphen”.

The motion passed 7-0.

The ARC has no objection to the curb cut. However, the ARC does not support the 6 foot gate/fence at the front of the house and and recommends a lower, visually permeable gate.

The motion passed 6-1.

3610 Macomb Street, N.W.

Agent: Dale Overmyer, Omvermyer Architects

Owner: Scott Jaeckel

The proposal includes an addition at the rear of the house, alternation to the front porch, and to the center second story window, and the construction of new terraces in the rear. The addition would be 16 feet deep and two stories plus a basement level in height. The existing rear deck and a damaged tree would be removed and one new window on the west side of the house would be added. It is also proposed that the existing windows be replaced. The neighbors have been contacted, although not all of the neighbors have responded.

The ARC would have no objection to the removal of the front porch arch, if evidence can be provided to document that the arch was not original to the house and was added after 1941. The ARC has no objection to the alteration of the front window on the basis of the evidence presented. The ARC has no objection to the rear addition. However, the ARC does have concerns about the extensive nature of the terraces, particularly the unarticulated, exposed surfaces created by the massing of the proposed terraces near the house. The ARC would like to review more developed plans for the terraces.

The motion passed 7-0.