Architectural Review Committee Report for December 2013

Report on cases heard at the December 9th, 2013 Architectural Review Committee meeting:

ARC Members attending: Lois Orr, Christine Hobbs, Luis Boza, Win Brown, Gwen Wright, Ron Ngiam, Tina Mead.

CPHS President Danny Ince and Meghan Mulkerin, CPHS Staff, also attended.

3608 Ordway Street, N.W.
Owner: Worstell
Agent: David Cumins Mitchell, Architect

The proposal includes a small two-story addition to a 1926 duplex. The addition will be 8.5’ deep and consist of a screened porch and bathroom on the first floor and an extension of an existing bathroom and the relocation of the existing bay window on the second floor. The new roof will be metal and the siding will be similar to that of the current addition. The extension of the wall facing the adjacent owner’s rear yard will be a clapboard wall with no windows and will fill in the owner’s portion of the existing window well.

The neighbors to the right and left have been consulted. The neighbor directly to the rear has not been notified.

The ARC has no objection to the proposal, provided that:

  • The rear roof line of the addition is simplified
  • The issues related to filing in the window well are addressed
  • All adjoining owners are consulted.

The motion passed 7-0

Rosedale Lot
Owner: Zia and Bremer
Agent: Kube, Architect

There have been two previous proposals for this lot. In current proposal, the house is sited 72’ from the existing farmhouse and 16.5’ back from the façade of the farmhouse. The proposed pool is not further front on the site than the front of the farmhouse. The 6000 square foot house has 2000 square feet below grade and 4000 above grade. The house is broken into two blocks, flanking the ridge of the lot with the pool in the lower portion of the lot. There will be no fence between the proposed house and
the farmhouse, with the only fencing surrounding the pool. Landscaping will be used to screen the pool and to define the property line on the north side. The exterior will be wood, stucco and glass. The roof will be a charcoal-colored standing seam.

The owner has spoken to the neighbors. The Rosedale Conservancy Board is in support of the proposal. Several neighbors on 34th structure, the location of the pool and potential drainage and flooding issues.

The ARC recommends approval of the massing and siting of the house, and location of the pool. The ARC looks forward to reviewing the next steps in the design development of the house and of the landscaping prior to making a final recommendation on the house itself. This will include a review of the north and south façade detailing, and more detailed landscaping plans.

The motion passed 7-0