See below for news of recent Architectural Review Committee, Historic Preservation Review Board, and Mayor’s Agent cases, and other preservation matters that have an impact on Cleveland Park.

For questions about CPHS positions on cases and issues, please email CPHS executive director Carin Ruff.


  • D.C. Historic Preservation Office policies and procedures are here.
  • Historic Preservation Review Board agendas, staff reports, and related materials are here.
  • You can read more about the role of the Mayor’s Agent and download hearing notices and decisions here.
  • The Georgetown Law Library has a page devoted to D.C. preservation law.
  • For more on CPHS’s preservation policies and procedures, see our mission statement (revised 3/3/12) and the Architectural Review Committee page.
  • For questions about zoning and related matters, please contact ANC3C Commissioner Nancy MacWood (see left sidebar).


Recent News:

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Agendas: Click on the date of a meeting in the left sidebar to see the agenda. Agendas are normally posted during the week before the meeting.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Reports: See left sidebar.


Old News:

Cleveland Park Historical Society Comments Submitted on DDOT’s draft Cleveland Park Transportation Recommendations.

Zoning Commission Case No. 08-06A Subtitle H Testimony on Behalf of the Cleveland Park Historical Society

ARC Statement on Proposed New Construction at Rosedale HPA #12-566 in 2012

Summary of published ARC statements and preservation news of 2012